Monday, May 30, 2016

Sulphur Springs 100 Mles DNF

DNF...kind of a metaphor for life especially this week.  

Had allot going on lately so I wasn't sure how I would hold up attempting a. 100 miler.   Strangely enough I was able to clear my mind and more or less enjoy the time I spent running in the Dundas Valley.   One of the things that made this a great experience was my running friends.   Even if you have never met someone before we are all kindred spirits in the forest.

Actually managed 4 hours sleep the night before.   The alarm was set for 2:15 am but I was awake at 12:30 so I decided to put on a pot of coffee and jump in the hot tub for an hour.   The drive took about 2hrs15min arriving at the race with plenty of time to spare at 4:45 am.

The first 20k loop was great somewhere around a 2hrs50min as planned.  It was going to be hot,  very hot so I got into the happier of 500ml of water between the aid stations which works out to about 2 litres / loop.  I was telling and taking S Caps too.  Really felt great going out on the 2nd loop like I just warmed up.    It started to get incredibly hot on the second loop and it wasn't long before temperatures pushed into the 30's with a humidex pushing 40...YIKES.   Second loop was a little slower but I still can in a little over 3hrs.  Third loop was fine but the heat was starting to catch up to me.   Nearing the end of the loop I had very very dark urin and a small pain across my shoulders which is heart related as a result of thinking blood.   I finished the loop in reasonable time ,  around 3hrs20min or so.   I decided to take a cooling break grabbing a bottle of water ,  can of Blue and a cliff bar.  Dove for the car and cranked the air for nearly 25 minutes.    Heading back out things were not getting any better so I decided to walk through the heat of the day.  Walking always seems to be harder on the feet then running and the heat was relentless.  I was extremely fatigued walking up the hills having to stop to catch my breath.  I was no loner enjoying the race and decided to stop at the 80K mark.   It's a bit tough to quite when there is enough time to complete the run but I just wasn't into it satisfieyed that I logged a long one under some pretty tough conditions.

 The DNF was actually life changing for me ..really really.  Someday I will explain!

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