Sunday, May 15, 2016

Seaton Ultra - May 14, 2015

 Did my 2nd Seaton Soaker 50K yesterday.   In 2009 I did the 25K race here returning in  2010 for the 50K event.   I was surprised about how much of the course I remembered.    The layout was quite different then it use to be and it appears to be a little easier course then I remember.

 With the Sulphur 100 miler looming in 2 weeks my Seaton goal was just to have a solid consistent run and thats more or less what I did.   The weather was a wee bit on the nasty side with temps around the 10C mark but just to add to the joy there was a cold rain and a cold sometimes brutal wind.  I wore a Tech T with Shorts ,  Gloves and an on again off again Running Hat.   Plan B was in my running backpack ,   a long sleeve Tech T,  a water and wind proof Shell ,  extra Gloves and a couple of chemical Hand Warmers!    I really didn't expect to need all the extras but it did give me confidence that if I was cold I could do something about it and be quite comfortable.    With the rain came some rather slick conditions here and there on the course.    Had one "almost" wipe out where is was flying though the air about to make a belly flop at the bottom of a small hill but managed on of my best save ever grabbing onto a tree.   With about 5K left in the race I went down on a muddy section landing on my left leg getting completely caked in mud.   Luckily the river crossing was only a few Ks ahead where is paused in cleaned most of the mess up.     Didn't need much hydration and did a little less calories then PYP.     Gelled 5 times with race supplied hammer gels and had come killer spicy Burritos at the 20K mark...they were still hot!    Did zero extra electrolytes because I wasn't sweating much and I figured I got what I needed out of the Gels.    There were tons of folks on the course that I hadn't run with in awhile so I really appreciated the out and back sections of the course getting to cross paths with everyone.    Every race has a mental aspect to it and this one was no different.    To start with I was going against the grain with my sleep patter ens working 4-midnight the week of the race.  I booked off early the night before but with a 3:30 am wake up it doesn't allow a full night sleep!   The race was a 2.5 hour drive ... love hate thing there and then there was the cold!!!!    I like the warm weather runs but I know I will manage better in the cold.   The first 25K loop was all about getting to the second 25K loop.  I always feel great joy when I have half the run done and the joy of the event builds when I have more behind then in front.   I never hated being out there although at times it sucked ,  muck so on and so forth.   I also knew throughout the race that I need a solid solid outing before the 100 miler.    I am under no illusion that a couple for solid 50 Kers means a walk in the park going long because no matter what covering a 100 miles is a tough challenge.   However  I do take away from PYP and Seaton a sense of bring it on ... its time and I am ready!    From time to time chatter would occur on  the course and someone was asking about my race calendar.... mentioned Sulphur stating " I have too much time on my hands".    I booked the week before and two weeks after the long one to mentally prepare myself for some of the mid games that go on going long ....I often think of all the other things I would rather be doing!     Back to Seaton....   love the finish ,  I was chasing down another man with about 5K to go.   He was a distant target at times and other times I was on his heals.   No works were said ,   I was pushing him and he was pulling me along.    It was really cool how we exchanged nothing,  not a word,   not a look nothing.    I had thought about passing but he had a good pace so I tucked in.   He really pushed at the end and ended up crossing the line a few hundred meters in front of me.   When I stopped we congratulated each other and it was only then that I realized it was JD .... yeah JD from way back in the beginning,  how cool is that!    

 So its Sunday morning the day after and I feel great ,  a little tired and hungry but great!    I had ZERO muscle pain in this race compared to PYP.   There was wee tenderness in the right knee that went away after an hour in the hot tub.   Feet were great ... on tiny blister under a challis,  that can get really nasty!     

  Not sure on all the finishing numbers but I did stop the Garmin at 6hrs16min54sec.  


Robin said...

Good job out there Ron, especially on the save...I had one of those, then two wipeouts!! All fun though, never ran in that much mud so an interesting experience. PYP is great for getting the legs ready for hills, you will benefit from both those runs at Sulphur I'm sure. See you there!!

Pierre Marcoux said...

Nice 50K at Seaton! Sounds like you are ready for Sulphur, or as ready as anyone can be, for the long haul... Nice to see you out there!