Friday, May 27, 2016

Wednesday and Thursday and today, Friday

Its been a gut wrenching week from hell and to be quite honest I really wasn't sure if I would even make I to the start line at Sulphur.  Last night I got a decent sleep albeit a little short and I actually managed to eat normally albeit a little light on volume.   So I am going to tow the line and give it my all ...there will be nothing left on the course and nothing left in me somehow I think it's a good thing, When I finish on Sunday it will be like a new beginning the page has been tuned and a new chapter has begun.   What a trip life is!

OK ,  back too Running .  Did my last run Wedensday logging 5.6 Ks on the backyard trail.  Thursday was a "rest" day but I† didn't feel like it going on 2 hours of sleep.   Today the day before its prep day and some odd jobs around the house.    Goal is to get 4 hours sleep in my own bed before getting up arc 2:15 am for the drive to Sulphur.  

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