Monday, July 21, 2008

21 Hot Ks today!

Did back to back mid distance runs. It was all about heat today
, 24C and Humid!!! Walked a couple of the really Big Hills late in the run. Discovered a really neat affect , after walking for a few minutes when I started running again there was a cool blast, almost like someone turned on the AC. It really picked me up , I think the combined walk/run had a quicker pace then if I had have just run.

Getting ready for the 6 hour solo , all about managing resources. I doubt I will ruin any significant hills until the last hour or two if at all! In the constant thirst for running knowledge and I going to start incorporating back to back long runs , similar to the past two days.

As mentioned it was all about heat, allot of sweat . Only had 800ml of a Water/Hammer Gel combo as well a a GU "Roctane" . Glad I had the GU , needed the electrolytes more then ever ! Could have used more hydration , I rationed what I had over the duration of the run. I was really thirsty when I made it home.


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