Thursday, July 17, 2008

Easy 10 this morning

First run after the sprained left ankle Sunday. The swelling is pretty much gone, no pain when I walk so I though I would do an easy road run early before it gets too hot.

Did the 10K McCormick loop. A couple of K of big loose rocks with uneven surface otherwise level gravel. Was very cautious of my left ankle ... took it real easy on the downhills, almost all my breaking was with my right leg! Kept a real close eye on the 60 or so left foot landings / min to make sure it was even . Didn't want any surprises! All and all a good run for not being out in 4 days and with the ankle!

Temps are going to be hot today. I headed out at 8:15 with a 20C temp... it was really nice. Sun was still low in the east so I was almost entirely in the shade . It makes such a difference when you can get out of the direct sunlight.

Not running has weighed heavily on my sub conscious. Last night I dreamed I was in a 6hour trail race . I remember having a tough time following the trail markers. Part of the run was through a building , strange trail! I also remember on doing 42Ks when my goal was 50K and was really disappointed. I was wishing I was in the 12 hour event. With dirty girls a few weeks away this is one dream that I hope doesn't come true.

Don't think I will get a chance to run this weekend, picking up Robin from camp ... 16hours of drive time Sat/Sun doesn't leave a whole lot of time left. May get out tomorrow for a 10 or 16K run , will have to see how the ankle feels .


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