Sunday, July 20, 2008

Abriviated LSD today

Planned on a 30K LSD today but cut it short. At 8K I started to gt pain in my left ankle , the one I went over on last week! I sat for a few minutes and contemplated whether I should go on or turn back. I decided to return making today's run 17K. The ankle was OK on the return , if its good tomorrow I will go for mid distance run tomorrow.

Garmin said a 5:28 pace over 17.oK with +304/-349m elevation.

I passed 2 other runners on my road just South of the Bridge that goes over the Rocky Saugeen. They were more then just a guy that gets up off the couch and decides he is going for a Jog. I commented " not very often you see other runners out around here" and continued on.


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Why It's Lame said...

Hey great idea for a blog. I'm looking to have some kind of regular fitness component to our blog - having trouble thinking of how to fit it into our theme. I want to get more into things that aren't lame - and fitness is totally not lame.

But yeah keep up the good work,

Why It's Lame