Saturday, July 12, 2008

28K LSD last evening

Got the long one out of the way before the weekend started. Really enjoyed the evening LSD. Temps were a little warm to start but improved as the sun got low in the sky. Did my Durham loop, going through the camp ground is always interesting but Fri Eve was even more fun. Lots of people arriving and the smell of the camp fires was really nice!

I mixed my water bottle with Hammer Gel, started drinking after a couple of Ks . Felt pretty good until I was at the Ball Park then it hit me. Turned to "Sharkies", carbs and electrolytes in a Jelly Candy...the were yummy and they really seemed to help. Refilled the water bottle at 19K , the gummies lasted until 25K!

Had a bit of an issue around 22K, right legged stiffened up.. if it was a cramp it didn't hurt ... just got stiff! Felt like the flexibility went from the Knee and Ankle , went easy for a couple of Ks and then it eased off and then went away.

Pace was good for the LSD, hit the Half Marathon mark at around 1:58 , Garmin overall pace was 5:46. Total Ks for the week approaches 80 so that's it for at least a day!


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