Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Run in the heat !

I was hell bent on finding something big to run up , I got my wish.
Headed south on the second, down the McCormick rd. First "Big" hill was just passed the 1K mark, O2 and Heart rate were good going into and I was just getting warmed up. It was a 30m climb over 300m and I was able to go hard all the way up. At the top my legs felt like concrete! From here is was a nice downhill til about the 6K mark then another smaller hill at 6K followed by a 1K flat section then the "BIGGY" , 50m climb in 200m ... now that's a hill! Managed to run up but I was wobbly at the top ! Another 3K and I was home. I really like this run , I picked up the pace and it felt good! I will be back!

I headed out at 8:30pm, temps were around 24C with 100% Humidity . The air was so so heavy and fragrant! Near the end ground level fog was forming , the sunset was beautiful ! All and all a great run... yet another new path! Seems like my running possibilities are unlimited where I live.


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