Saturday, March 21, 2009

30K today

Did a 30K LSD today, good quick pace ... Garmin says 30.0K -517 /+508m, 5:18 pace, avg HR 150 BPM.

Fit the run in between sleeping and Noah's birthday party. I didn't have more then a 3 hour window. I decided to take a new route, figured it would turn the 23K into about a 27K run. Headed down the 2nd, instead of heading into Durham I headed west on the Edges Rd, past hwy 6 the south on the 2nd of Bentick. Ended up on Highway 4 at Interforest and then headed through town then back up the 2nd.

Had 500 ml Gatorade, and a Chocolate GU. Waited until 16K to take the Gel, the whole run was fairly balanced energy wise , never felt a big fatigue. Didn't have the shallow breathing feeling either .... could have easily gone the extra 11.2K for a full. This is a good confidence booster for the Waterloo full in 5 weeks. I was tired and had kept the heart rate at a high rate , 150 bpm. I had more gas in the tank... pushing it I could have probably made the 2:30 mark for the 30K but I wasn't racing today.

Not sure what I am up to tomorrow but I suspect and easy 10 , maybe 17 or.....

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Vava said...

Nice run! Your heart rate zones on Garmin Training Center are misleading though - according to the graph you were in the "fast walk" or "slow jog" area for the entire run!