Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cruise control

30K done at a 5:00 pace indoors Saturday Eve.

Where to start.....

Well I didn't intend on 30K , was thinking more around 20K but in honour of Around the Bay tomorrow I thought I would stretch it out to 30. Besides , the distance and pace fits with the "training plan" and I do use that term loosely!

What did I learn.....

1) Total calories used , 2400 . Total calories ingested , 100... lets just say I depleted my energy stores and really felt it the last few Ks. I did a solid 5:00 pace to 25K , cranked it up to a 4:30 pace for 1K and then slowly backed it down to a 6:00 pace as I passed 30K. I envisioned the push the last few Ks on the Marathon and was trying to simulate it. However in the Marathon I would have ate a ton more carbs, probably in the order of 500 calories at 30K so there is a bit of a difference with my little push!

2) A 5:00 pace will pretty much do what I want in the Marathon . My goal is simple , hold a 5:00 pace as long as possible and if there is anything left pick it up a bit in the last couple of Ks.

3) Nutrition is everything beyond 30K , plan well , stick to it or else suffer the consequences that will be there!!!!!!

4) Do NOT forget the body glide...OOPS! When I hit the shower I almost hit the roof when the water ran over those chaffed areas!!!!!

After I ran I weighed in at 172.6 lbs.... I was shocked! At the beginning of the week I weighed in at 178.8. I was hoping to get to 175 for race day but 6lbs is a ton in a week . The run I just did I didn't sweet too much , maybe a pound or two. Before I run again I will weigh in.

Tomorrow , I am not sure but I think a 21.1K LSD is in order ...MAYBE!

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