Sunday, September 6, 2009

34K LSD yesterday

It was 3:44 pm when I headed out for my LSD Run yesterday. Another beautiful late Summer day , temperature at he start was 22C but it was very humid and cloudy. The temperature was quiet variable , sometimes it shot up to 24 to 25 when the Sun came out and when I ran into some rain it cooled down to around 20C. Heat sis come into play now and again! 9K in I did a couple of faster Ks , 4:54 /4:49 . It felt good at that pace , I was pushing it a bit early on in the run to make it harder later. I was running into clouds of small insects now and again. I was hot and sweaty and these bugs were were sticking to me! When I made it into Durham I bumped into my Son Robin and he said I looked like a Car Windshield! I wasn't drinking enough , only filled the water bottle once ... should have drank at least twice what I did! Making my way out of town I ran through the Conservation Area where the Tornado hit. The trial I took was open but he Forest around me hadn't been cleaned up so I got a close up view of the damage! Heading back up the 2nd there was one big grey cloud that followed me. It was sunny everywhere but above and then it started to rain. The rain brought welcome relief from the heat. Ran for about 4K in the rain. As I was nearing home I hit 30K and 2hrs50mins. I decided to finish my run on some trials so off I went into the bush. Added another 4K to my run and finished up in 3hrs24 minutes. I have been wanting to stretch out the time a bit.

Last couple of LSD have included some fast stuff early on. This certainly made the later stages of the run much tougher! It served as a good reminder to go out easy in my next 3 Ultras and then pick it up or maintain towards the end. I think I will try to hit a 6:30 pace for the first half of Haliburton . If its a good day I will pick it up a little at the end , if not I will just try to maintain.

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