Friday, September 18, 2009

Tempo Friday

Wasn't sure what , where or when I ran today ... I just know I wanted to do something. It was grey and windy and a bit cooler this afternoon so I decided to take it indoors. For the first time since the late winter I wore my heart rate monitor. I did a 12K run , 1 K warm up , 10K at a 4:55 pace and then a 1K cool down. A year ago that sort of pace would have meant a heart rate in the mid to high 150s, today I hung out a around 135 ... a full 20 bpm less in a year! I was just getting into the run when I had to shut it down and quickly shower and get to work! Next week I am working mids and I think I will try to do the same run but double the distance one evening before I work.

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