Thursday, September 17, 2009

Something different!

I felt really strong today , legs are almost 100% after Haliburton. Did my 11.1K trail loop , time and pace unknown as I intentionally left the Garmin at home. Things I like about running GPS free..... didn't have to wait for it to lock up at the start, didn't have to worry about pausing to take a stone out of my shoe, didn't have something rattling around on My wrist, didn't have to Download and Charge it after the run and I didn't have any data to compare to previous runs!


EJ said...

I'm glad you enjoyed running "naked" as they say. I liked your Top 5 list also. Here is another one for your doesn't beep at you to speed up (calling you a slow poke) or beep at you to slow down(calling you a running fool).

Anne said...

I would love a GPS most of the time but I recently read a blog post by somebody who can't even pase themseves without a heart rate mointer. If you get rid of the gps, HR mointer and shoes soon you really be going light... I wonder what that would do for your time? ahha