Monday, September 21, 2009

LSD Monday

31K LSD done at a 5:36 pace. It was just one of those days when it was hard to get out the door. Heavy rain in the am made me delay my start until the afternoon. When I finally headed out it had stopped raining , temp was around 20C but it the air was very humid. 7 through 10K were done at what I hope to be my Marathon pace , 4:59/4:52/4:40/4:50... this is the first stretch of relatively flat terrain in my long run. Backed it down in the 11K , did a gel and then picked it up a little. When I hit town I did a few more "faster" Ks , 15 thru 19K were 5:16/5:16/5:20/5:33/5:00 then I back it down again when I hit the park. At 20K I started to get the heavy tight cold chest feeling. I had been wearing a compression shirt ... added a long sleeve tech T over it and I quickly warmed up .... actually way way warm. By 24K i took off the second shirt ... I was really over heating but the lungs were better, Tried to pick it up a bit on the run back up the 2nd. Last 7K were 5:25/5:20/4:57/5:21/6:21/5:34/5:34 . I got a rather bad stitch approaching 30K , time for for Electrolytes but I didn't have any.
All and all a pretty good run , my LSD route isn't flat but its not too hilly either . Garmin said +617/-628 meters. I have a ways to go if I want to do a 3hrs30 min 42.2. I recently realized that I need to stretch the tempo runs to 16K. Working mids this week so I am going to have a chance to take it indoors.
After the run I was quiet light headed! I believe i dehydrated a bit , only drank 2 water bottles in 31K and I was sweating pretty good. After a good dinner I laid down for a 3 hour snooze before going in to work for the midnight shift.

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