Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shorts in December ...YUP!!!!

Its just a little above freezing her today , a few inches of slushy snow on the ground. My right knee was telling me to get off the treadmill do I took it outdoors today and it was amazing! Shorts , long sleeve tech T and my Saugeen Tri Club Sagoi Shell topped off with a hat and running gloves. I was so comfortable , actually a little too warm but that's easy to change by unzipping the Sagoi. Footing was not too bad , 8K of Gravel and 2K of tart and chip made for some pretty good traction. The 4K or so of tractor trails were covered in snow and I was breaking trail slowing me down quiet a bit. Every foot fall was different , after recent treadmill runs it was a pleasant and welcome change. Off to the Hot Tub now before heading to work for 4pm.

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