Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Speed Tuesday

Took it indoors on my meal break this evening. A mixed up 10.5K done in 46:41. Started with a half K warm up to a 4:55 pace. At 3K I decided it was time to RUN... picked it up to a 4:30 pace. At 5K I ramped the treadmill up to a 1 degree incline until 6K then I ramped it down to -2 degrees and increased the speed to a 4:00 pace at 7K I flattened it out and decreased to a 4:30 pace then at 8K I raised it 1 degree but the best part was at 9K I raised it to +5 degrees for a half K. Did a half K cool down at 10K. I know I am going to probably feel it a bit tomorrow but with the Egg Nog Jog in 12 days I need to pick up the speed a bit.

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Nature Girl said...

Woah dude! Nice work.