Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trying to run faster

Did a 12.8K Run in the Rain this afternoon. I am still feeling the effects of Saturdays Trail Run. Averaged a 5:24 pace today, didn't really have much pop in the legs today ... I tried to pick it up but it just wasn't sustainable. I felt like I could shuffle along for along time but the speed wasn't there. I was wearing my Acics Shoes, they are a stability shoe and just don't have the same feel as the Saucony Paramount's. It made me think about the rhythm of faster running and the feel of the shoe and how that all ties together. I get a really good Rhythm with the Paramount's, unlike any other show that I run in. Is like I am being propelled off the heal ...spring like to the toe. I don't think Saturday 10K will be a PB...they way I was going today I think I would be lucky to break 45 minutes.

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Anne said...

oh come on i'm sure you will do fine. I am still desideing about the 5 or the 10... I know for me the 5 would be better for my body, but I really can't justify spending the money on a 5.
See you tommorrow.