Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flight 26.2

I am on my way to Boston now. We are waiting to board our flight and based on the number of Runners on the flight they need to rename it "Flight 26.2". Yesterday I was really indecisive as to how I was going to run the race. Today it seems to be much clearer .... I am getting sick! Scratchy throat , runny nose and a bit of a cough with a touch of fever. I can't believe it!!!!!!! I hope its just one of those little things you fight off in a day and really don't take hold...only time will tell! Regardless of how crappy I may feel come Monday I am running and finishing the race...PERIOD.


Janice said...

Good luck:)

Marky Mark said...

Oh no! Rest up and I hope you and the other Toronto runner/bloggers enjoy your victory lap.

Marky Mark said...

(Ontario I should say...)