Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lunch Run

Ran at lunch today in spite of still having a bit of soreness in the legs. It felt awkward the first 300 meters then it settled down. 5K was done at an easy 5:30 pace.

Spent some time this afternoon figuring out where things are around Boston. Want to minimize the amount of walking I do on Sunday. It would be pretty easy logging up to 20K walking between the Hotel , Boston Tea Party Brunch, Race Kit Pick Up and Fenway! We are about 1.2K from the "Red Subway Line" that will take us up to the Brunch and Race Kit Pickup. Fenway isn't far from teh Kit pick up so it may be a 2K walk or I may jump on teh Subway again! I am off now until Monday , I am Skiing at Blue on Thursaday. Will do a run tomorrow but if the legs are still a bit sore it may be short. Will do a longer run Fri or Sat!

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