Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ok, I am tired!

I have been pushing it since last weeks Marathon. Not lots of miles , more intermediate miles but for sure feeling the effects of what I have been doing. I see a benefit of pushing it but there has to be a line drawn on doing too much ...its a fine line!

Jumped on the treadmill before work with a 20 something Ks in mind at the 5:00 pace. Ramped up over the first 2K then held pace until I reached 10K. I was way too hot and I had to go so I jumped off with the intention of getting back on again but I was done. So I sat there sipping on G for a few minutes then decided to do some weights. Even that was a challenge , managed 1 set of 24 Bench Press, Lat Pull downs, Curl and the Military Press.... that was it, time for the showers.

Going to hit the trail Wed/Thurs then Fri is an official reset day before Sats 21.1 race in the trees!

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