Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Its 2am and I am running

Working mids and ran at 2:15 am. Like that's what I really want to do in the we morning hours. Strangely enough once I get going I enjoy it! So it was 5K at a 5:30 pace this morning.

Spent 90 minutes in the Hot Tub before work. Changed my mind on Sulphur Springs , original plan was 100 miles , I decided to do 50 miles instead. It will save me $300.00 and 1.5 vacation days, I will start and finish the race the same day, I don't have to buy batteries, I won't have to walk 60km after running 100km, I can actually run 50 miles ( well sort of) , besides I have already done the 100 miler at Sulphur. Ironically I am probably in a better position training wise then I was last year at this time but that neither here or there.

By the way ...if someone out there is willing to replace my salary for the next decade and make up the difference in my pension losses I will run a 100 mile race every month for the next decade. Oh yea and I need them to cover my T&L expenses too!

1 comment:

Anne said...

Somebody not liking work today??? lol
So I was counting on you to keep me slow for the first few laps.... if I deside to do it.