Friday, April 13, 2012

Road to Paris Day 4 - Running in Venice

It seems like forever ago that I last ran , Monday to be exact! Set the alarm for 07:00 am to get out ahead of the tourists and most of the residence. It was a cool overcast morning with a lite drizzle but I didn't care I was running in Venice. Headed out through St. Marc's Square then followed the South Shore of the Island heading east until I ran out of land. I ran through the areas where most Venetians live , folks were heading off to work and school kids were wondering into school. Every now and again I would loop through a narrow passage occasionally coming to a dead end. I took it real easy on the endless bridges walking on some so that I didn't trash my quads ahead of Sunday. I logged a total of 10.3K at an average 7:19 pace....of and I even found a little trail to run on to boot!

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