Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pick Your Poison - April 28, 2102

 Did my first OUS race of 2012 yesterday, Pick Your Poison 50k.  Race plan was to go out easy so I would enjoy the day and make it to the end running.   The weather was just about perfect , Sun and temps just a few degrees above freezing.

 The course lay out for 2012 was simply amazing.  The 12.5K loop was a mixture of single track and tractor trail and lots of elevation thrown in.   I was told that the elevation change was +/- 1100 ft per loop.    The first 4K of the loop was a very fast , very gentle downhill that lasted for about 4K.    The remaining 8.5K was where all the elevation and the majority of the single track existed.     I was very conservative of the Hills ,  walking up most and running very slowly down.   This strategy was all about getting to the last loop intact.     I was  determined  that I would nail the nutrition and hydration.   I stopped at all 3 aide stations each time I passed and lucky for me they were stocked with Hammer Gels.   Over the course of the race I Gelled 11 times.     Felt a little panicky heading out into the second loop "OMG this is hard how the heck and I ever going to make it another 3 loops".   I dropped back and spent some time running on my own and I more or less relaxed into the feeling of running for a long period of time.    I kept going from chilled to too hot during the first two loops.  When we started it  was quite chilly.  Initially I was wearing Shorts and a Mizuno Breath Right Thermo long sleeve shirt,  over that was a short sleeve Tech T and topping it off was gloves.   I was over heating and took off  the Tech T at the end of the first lap.    The body temps were as variable as the terrain , I was either hot or I was shivering cold.   The temperature warmed up a bit on the 3rd and 4th loops  and I was much more comfortable.   My race plan was partly formulated as a result of a nasty sprain a week ago.  The left ankle was still a little swollen and I was really careful not to mess thinks up.  Every foot fall was carefully placed.  The only problem I had was when the injured foot was on the up hill side when the trail had lots of Camber.   Only had on little upset and that was  on the last loop.  Managed to catch my left toe on a root but it wasn't a lateral  action so I was OK.    Overall I was feeling pretty good going into the last loop and had anticipated running up a few more of the hills and most certainly open up on the downhills.   I tried to do this but the it just wasn't happening so I pretty much ran the last loop the same was I did in the previous three passes.    From time to time on the last loop I reminded myself to enjoy the moment and take it all in.   

 I haven't got the official results yet but they will be close to my Garmin data.    It  said I covered 48.59 km at a avg 8:08 pace.   My 12.5 splits were 1hr35min,  1hr34min, 1hr40min and 1hr42min.  I am pleased with the results and fell like I had a solid run where I was in control avoiding the "death march".

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Janice said...

That sounds awesome! I hate temperature flunctuations like that. I often go from chilled to too hot at this time of year. It's impossible to get it perfect, isn't it? Great race and glad your ankle held up.