Monday, May 14, 2012

Fetching my Durango Run

 A few weeks ago I had my old Dodge Durango towed in to the shop for work.   It was repaired by a father of a guy that I work with and it ended up in the parking lot at work.  I figured I would catch a ride to pick it up sometime or even run to work one evening last week but it never happened.   So I am felling really very good after Seaton on Saturday.  Spent the day cutting some firewood and fence post.  With the exception of a really big appetite there was very little effect from the 54K trail run.  So I had  the bug to run Sunday.  I haven't done a night run in awhile so I decided to head for Allan Park to pick up the Durango.    Logged a total of 20.1K at an average 6:30 pace and I am pleased to report I retrieved my Durango. 

 I often get a kick out of my Ipod on Shuffle.  Turn South on the Allan Park Rd Led Zeppelin Dazed and Confused came on ,  quite appropriate.   As I approached the Satellite Earth Station that I work at Bowie's Major Tom came on gave me a pretty good runners high as I gazed at all the illuminated Satellite Dishes! 

Coming home the temp ranged from 5 to 7C...knew it was getting cold.  Topped off the run with feast of Pasta , Garlic Bread and Italian Red Wine. 

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