Sunday, May 6, 2012

St Johns Abulance 10K - Sort of a PB - May 6, 21012

 Did the St Johns Ambulance 10K this morning in Hanover ,  a local race.   This was the inaugural year but they really did a pretty good job at putting on the event.  It was a 5K loop with 3 options ,  5K Walk/5K Run or 10K Run.     I wasn't sure what to expect today.  I haven't done much in the way of speed work in what seems like forever.  I  had some muscle pain after last weekends PYP Race.  Up until Thursday I was walking down the stairs backwards.  Fridays lunch run was the only  pain free run I had all week. I did the appropriate thing and resisted running on Saturday.  I did commit one cardinal sin or running the night before having a massive dinner at Kelsy's in Owen Sound.... there was the Beer,  Garlic Bread with Cheese,  Garden Salad the a Fajita Feast ,  5 of the best Sweet Chili Chicken and fully loaded.   For Desert I finished off my wife's Steak and Mushrooms.   It felt like I had just ate Christmas dinner! 

 The Race Plan was simple ,  get it under 45 minutes trying to do even splits.     The even splits kind of didn't work out so good,  it wasn't a flat course but no real big hills just enough to throw you off your game.  The first loop averaged out OK ,  more or less hit the  start finish at the correct 4:30 avg pace.  5K to go ,  no problem.  That first K that was tough to start was very tough the second time around and I logged my slowest K of the day 4min47sec. Amazing how much bigger that 20 metre climb was the second time around.  After 6K I had some work to do to to achieve my desired pace.   It was tough but I managed then last 4Ks at a 4:32, 4:35, 4:24 and 4:27 pace.   The only other 50+ Male Running was Ed from Hanover.   Ed is a couple of years older then me and has been edging me out by a minute or two in the 10K distance.   Right from the start of the Race Ed was 200-300 metres in front making for a very good target.   The last couple of Ks I managed to close in on Ed and  with 200m to go I was about 10 meters behind him and was going to launch a strike until I almost Ran over a little Girl on a Bike.  Breaking stride at that point caused me to feel quite Nauseous so I geared back not wanting to be sick.  No big deal ,  I just waved to Ed as he crossed the finish line looking back... maybe next time,  it would have been interesting.      Anyhow I had banked a little time and picked it up enough in the last few Ks to cross the finish line at an avg Garmin Time  4:31 pace.  My Gun Time according to my Garmin was 42min33 seconds a new PB by 1 minute BUT and I do mean BUT the distance logged was only 9.4 km ,  600 meters short!!!!   OK I ran the tangents ,  on a really windy course over 10K maybe save 100 meters.   The course was short but it didn't really matter because I was more or less on course for a 45min +/- 15 second finish which I was really quite happy about.   

 Got to love the little local races.   I will refine the numbers when I see the results but I think there was 18 folks doing the 10K ,  overall I think I was third , forth or at the least fifth and  I do know that I was second in my AG because it was me and Ed!     Got a prize for the AG placement  a Nathan Water Bottle ,  got to pick from the prize table twice ,  first time it was Tim's Double Double Chocolate Truffles then I got a really cool Toyota Ball Cap.   

 All and all it was  a great day ,  perfect weather ,  nice venue ,  well run race  and the result I was looking for. 

Next weekend it the Seaton 52K race.

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