Tuesday, January 8, 2013

76 Hours

 Its been 76 hours since I last laced up for 6 hours  at the Toronto Track and Field Club.    I intend on running last night at work but something more important took my time so I  didn't get a chance to run until I logged 5K on this Evenings Lunch Break.   Took it easy ,  6:00 pace and mostly everything felt OK ... little stiff at first but its didn't take long to feel fluid again.

 Sunday,  the day after the 6 hour run I learned a bit about what slowed me down during the last hour of the race.   For the second consecutive Ultra I had overheated and was covered with the tell tale rash that I get.   I went out really slow on Saturday and after an hour picked up the pace.   I should have help that pace and managed the heat better through the end of the run.  I remember finishing and realizing just how darn hot I was.   I think I sold myself slightly short in the S Cap department and probably would have been better off  on doubling  up the dose.   So I was a bit dumb about things but that just the way it goes.   In spite of making the last hour allot tougher then it had to be I am very pleased that I still managed to go a little longer then last year posting a PB only 5 days into the new year.  

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