Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Progressive Run... it wasn't so bad!

 First 10K of 2012 logged at lunch.   Worked on speed again ,  3K at a 5:30 pace, 3K at a 5:00 pace ,   3K at a 4:30 pace followed by a 1K cool down.

 Things work pretty well .  Unlike last week the 5:00 pace didn't seem all that fast but that changed when I geared up to a 4:30 pace.   I am still protecting the right foot curling the toes.  The foot had a bit of a burn going on.  Left ankle is still a bit tender but the speed agreed with it.   Breathing wasn't all that heavy and with the cooler temps and the fan on me I wasn't all that hot.

 With the exception of my 6 hour run on Saturday between now and ATB I am going to focus on speed indoors but when I take it outside its all about just being there.

  A few thoughts come to mind when it comes to speed work.   I need to establish my max heart rate again.  I am guessing somewhere in the mid 160's.  I also need to establish where my heart rate settles in regards to the Max whilst running a 4:30 pace.  

 Registered for the Re-frigee eighter mid Feb.  Good shorter race to see where I am at in regards to speed .... going to try to maintain a 4:30 pace for the slightly less then 13K,  I hope!

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