Sunday, January 20, 2013

Better Running Then Driving

Temps pushing -10 C and a wind chill near -20 C as well as some very active snow squall activity mad for some rather interesting conditions for a run today.  Headed out dressed in two Mizuno mid weight compression shirts and my Tri Club Firewall jacket ,  Mizuno Tights.  It was the first time wearing the Firewall and it tuned out to be a really good choice ...what wind?  Headed North on the 2nd...3K in I bumped into a neighbour ,  May.  I knew she ran Hamilton a couple of years ago so I asked her about her results and she was around 4 hours for #1.   Also talked to her about the Tri club and told her she should join the fun!    I was kind of thinking I would do a  5K out and 5K back but when I got 5K in I felt really comfortable and decided to keep going.    Turned East onto the Holland / Glenelg towline then South onto the baseline.    It was snowing from the start but it continued to increase in intensity as I went along    .   Nearing Grey rd 12 it was coming down so hard it was getting hard to tell where the road was.    I turned West onto Grey Rd 12 and headed right down teh center line ...deep snow and no cars .    Continued South on the baseline until it turned into the Mc Cormick Rd ...aka local snowmobile trail.  This was really tough slugging for about 3K until I got back to the 2nd.   Just prior to the 2nd it was like Mosses split the Sea .  I went from  nearly zero visibly to bright Sunshine.   It took it as a sign from the heavens and instead of turning North on the 2nd I went South and ran to the Edge Hill School before turning back.  I marveled on the bright Sun and the beauty of the. deep fresh Snow.  The Sunny detour added an extra glorious 4Ks.    After running for more then 2.5 Hours at times demanding a ton of extra energy I was beginning to tire.    Finished the run in 2hrs38min logging 22.5 Ks for an avg 7:01 pace.    

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Digger said...

I remember those days! Sounds like a typical Egg Nog Jog!
Take Care.
6˚C here today, not raining, thank goodness.