Sunday, January 13, 2013

Creemore "Snow" Run

 Pierre and Le Anne held yet another Creemore Fun Run ... they are true amabasadoors to the hobby enabling us to spend countless hours running circles through the forest!

 The "January Thaw" made the Snow Run into a Mud Run.   Temps in the mid single digits and lots of rain over the  past 24 hours made for a rather messy run.   Had visions of sliding uncontrollably into a raging  torrent of water and wondered it would be  Hypothermia or perhaps Drowning  if I fell in!

I was a bit cold at the start but it wasn't too bad after we got going.   Started with a Shell on but it didn't take long to go down to a single layer.   Remained pretty comfortable to a bit warm through the 3hr22min run.

 Ran a bunch of diffferent section of the various Creemore Races logging a total of 23.6K.    Although it was half the distance of the long one last week it felt like twice the effort. I was spent but happy that I was able to get out and Run some January Trail.

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