Friday, April 5, 2013

Again but better

10K at a slightly slower 5:45 pace done this evening.  It was a real round robin of ache today.   Right Ass has ached all day ,  not hurt just a little ache.   Jumped on the treadmill and it felt pretty fluid ,  easy and with the exception of a tiny pain in my Ass all was pretty good.   Right Foot soon started to complain a bit just enough to remind me of the troubles it has been giving me.      6K in left calve complained ,  not too much but enough to make me forget about Ass and Foot.  Calve settled down and lower Back ached and Ass joined the party.  Right Foot of course was hanging in there too.   So all and all not a bad 10K ,  felt fluid and in spite of the little aches pains and what nots it really wasn't all that bad!   Bets part was being done and how I feel right now!

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