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Pick Your Poison 50K Trail Race - OUS Season Opener - April 27, 2013

 Did the OUS PYP season opener at the  Horseshoe Valley Ski Club yesterday.    The race plan was simple go out easy and run 50K.  I wasn't looking for a time so I left the watch and Garmin  at home.

 Its was 4C,  overcast with a bit of rain and a cool breeze at start time.    I started overdressed but  comfortable for the first of four  12.5K loops.     Headed out with an old running friend Gary Johnson were last or next to last put of the gate and held that position of the first few Ks.   The first 4K of the loop is a gift ,  gentle downhill to flat over wide tractor trails through the forest.  At the end of the constant run I  found out that Imodium would have been a better choice then a multi-vitamin for breakfast.   For some reason I never saw Gary again !   The second 4K was a combo of trail ,  a trek across and up a couple of Ski Hills then a long , long gentle downhill.   The last 4K of the loop started with a big big climb and then a long gentle single track running parallel to a golf course ending at the final aide station before start/finish.   In past years I had always ran this section of single track bit not this time ... it was a walk!   Finishing the first loop I headed to  the car ,  dropped my running jacket and picked up a bottle of water.  As I was heading back out the winner of the 25K was coming in.   There was no clock at the start/finish but I figured  it must have taken me more then 2 hours to finish the first  of four loops.   I thought to myself that I just ran my last loop first ha ,  ha.

 2nd loop was a bit better.  The temperatures were beginning to rise and I was starting to enjoy the run a bit more until I messed up the only stream crossing we had.  Not paying attention the rock moved and I jammed my right foot between two rocks in the creek.  It hurt like hell and for a moment I though my day was done,  walked then ran it off and it felt better so the excuse to quite disappeared.  The reset of the loop was uneventful and I continued.  I was and had been drinking plenty ,  eating  and taking electrolytes and continued to do so.       Passed a couple of " this looked good on paper in Jan" folks in the second third of the loop ...having second thoughts!!!     I ran the single track parallel to the golf course this time ... moving much better for sure.  I was really getting warm ,  it was sunny and temps were now in the lower teens and rising fast.  Stopped at the and traded the long sleeve "Breathe Thermal" for a short sleeve compression T and my Ultra Aspire pack with nearly 2l  of water on board.  Vertical Pierre assisted me getting my drinking tube out and I asked him for the time and he said 12:40.  I had burned 3hrs40min with 4hrs20min remaining before the cut off.  I was a tiny bit worried but I was moving much better then the first loop but I had to avoid the "Death March" or I could be in jeopardy of missing the cutoff.

 Heading out on the third loop I felt much better having half the race behind me and was really looking forward to getting to the last loop.   The weather was really pleasant and I was resigned just to log a 50K run regardless of the time.  I ran all the  downhills conservatively ,  ran all the flats and slight inclines and was walking the steeper up hills.    Crossing the Snow fields with the mid day Sun blazing overhead I was  blinded by the bright and worried that I would be fried by the U.V.,  it was intense!    Nearing the end of the loop I came up on a women who would be running her first 100 miler at Sulphur.    For the second time in the day I asked what time it was and she said 2:30 so with 14K to go I had 2.5 hours.     She said we could walk it and make the cutoff and she as right.

Heading out on the 4th and final loop I blew by the start finish ,  no stop to change ,  no need to ask what time it was just wanting to get on the victory lap!   The 4K of constant running to the single track were a little bit tougher on legs that had already covered 37.5Ks .  I more or less hung in there running everything the same way as in loops 2 and 3.  Passed a few folks doing the "Death March"  one fellow who said he went blind in his left eye.   I suggested that he stop at the Aide Station and get a ride back to the Start/Finish.  Temps were now pushing 20C and the hard stuff was really making me sweat bit I lots of water and electrolytes so I was able to manage it.   Through about freezing at the start of  the race and how much more I was enjoying being warmer.   With a couple of Ks to go I was really enjoying the run.  I was tired but not spent and really felt like I could go another couple of loops.      Tripped the clock at 7hrs20min or so satisfied that I got on the score board.

 So all in all a good day logging my first 50K Trial Ultra of the 2013 season.  Right foot and right ass that had been giving me grief  were both fine.   I have a 6 hour Chico Race at Mansfield in 2 weeks and will be concentrating on picking up the pace a little.    At the end of may is the Sulphur 50 miler.

 Results haven't been posted yet but I will take a crack at guessing my splits.

Loop              Time
1                     2hrs0min
2                     1hr40min
3                     1hr35min
4                     1hr45min

I probably finished 5th from last place overall and 2nd from last in my AG 50+

I will post the results below when I see them.

Actual  Splits ... 


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