Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Finally Trail Run

The Snow is finally gone...."Finally".

After working mids ,   not sleeping yesterday (30 hours awake) and working all day on the oh so familiar and  too many things at once task I was rather sore and tired this morning.  After a leisurely breakfast I took it outside into sun ,  temps  pushing double digits and a stiff breeze.    Felt great today.  I remember thinking about the 67K that I logged over my 5 mids really paid off.     Coming out of my first 4K trail loop I heard laughter only to bump into a group from the Waldorf School out enjoying the Spring Weather.  Back into the trails I had a small foot race with a Porcupine ..I won.   A short time later it was a Mexican standoff with a Deer ...I was about to win the who can stand still for longer contest until I broke my silence and the deer took off.

 Logged 11.1 wonderful trail Ks today now its back to work around the house.    I am looking forward to returning to work on Sunday for a break.  The week is looking rather arduous,   Run Clinic tonight,  more spring stuff around the house tomorrow  ,   Skiing at Blue on Thursday ,  move Daughter  from apartment in Toronto Friday and top off the week with PYP 50K on Saturday.

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