Saturday, April 6, 2013

What a day

Wanted to LSD today but the weather was so so ,   overcast ,  breezy, temps just a little above freezing.  Decided to give it a go and committed to an initial 2 hours and would re access then keep going for another hour if all was well.   First 11K were OK ,  not great ,  not bad just OK.  Right Ass was bugging me a bit ,  not painful just a dull ache.  Tired to walk it off 11-12 K but I was never able to get running after walking a K ;.  Legs felt heavy and after I ran a few hundred meters the right quad would seize up at the top of the leg.   So it just wasn't the day and I more or less walked for the last hour trying to convince myself that it was really good to practice walking ...yeah right.     So I will try it again tomorrow ,  the trepidation starts NOW . Have the Jays games PVRed so its OV,  the Couch and some Dry Roasted Peanuts  to recover,  a sweet reward for slugging it out today .  

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