Saturday, April 13, 2013

OUS Spring Warm Up

Did the OUS Spring Warm up today.    Logged a total of 30.2K on a very snowy Bruce Trail today.    We were running a 13K loop with  a +/-600 meter change in elevation.   First 5K was on Gravel Rd  then 5K on the Bruce Trail and it finished with 3K on a Gravel Rd.  The Bruce Trail part was 90% or more covered in snow and ice and it was really tough.   My first loop was OK but the snowy trail really took a toll on me.    When I finished the first loop I took a time out ,  ate and ate and ate as well as downed a Beer.  After 30 minutes and some fresh warm dry clothes I headed back out.    After getting through the first road section I started feeling and moving better and really enjoyed the snowy trail the second time through.   Finishing the loop I felt great and decided to add 4.4Ks by running up and then back down the first hill.    So I covered 30.2K in a very slow 5hrs8min and I am happy with that.  

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kim said...

Hi Ron!
Good job out there! I love your clip! :) Who won the grand prize? I wish I was there - especially for the pizza & beer!

See you at PYP!
kim :)