Thursday, September 12, 2013

I have no idea

5K@6:00 pace at lunch.

Ramped up to a 5:00 pace for the last 0.5 K ... holly smokes does it feel allot faster then the 6:00 plodding I have been doing all year.    I have no idea hoe long I could hold a 5:00 pace but I hope to find out next week in London.  My predict is ...

5K ...yuper
10K ...yuper but boy I am hot and my knees hurt
21.1K ...holly shit I don't know how long I can hold on
Someheres around 26K .....slowing down baby
42.2K .... Oh God I am dying why did I go out so fast .... as I exceed a 6:00 pace.
50K ...feeling better but sowed to a 7:30  pace ...boy am I pathetic!
6Hours in .... 58.45Ks done and so I am I

An hour later after some food and beer .... lets do it again!

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