Monday, September 30, 2013

Tougher Trail

Was going to run ,  wanted to go a bit long but had a hard time getting laced up.  Settled on "my trail" and incorporated a new trail section with a big ass hill making for a 1.1K loop.   .....

The picture does not do it justice but what you are
looking at is a around a 25 Meter change in elevation.  Where the stumps are 2/3 of the way up its too steep to walk.      So I logged a total of 12.9 Ks in 1hr59 min and for what its worth the Garmin reported a +/- change in elevation of just a little 1 km.     I was going to go longer or shorter but just shy of 2 hours was enough today.  Topped off the run with a couple of Blue and some great tunes.   Goodbye September!

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