Wednesday, September 11, 2013

You know things are going well when...

You know things are going well when your mind switches off the fact that you are running and you totally zone out thinking about whatever.     Another 5K @6:00 pace done at lunch today. 

Really getting pumped for and what intrigues me is  this ....

In the 6hr race, there will also be a mat at the marathon distance, 50K distance and 50mile distance.Once you reach that distance, than your time will automatically be listed in that race as well.If you want to get to one of these distances, and 6hrs isn't enough time, then just tell the timer on the way bye, that you are running longer.

 Its like a race in a race in race...very cool!  I am definitely  going out fast and play the fade ..been awhile since of  done that.  It will be a ton of fun and yes its going to hurt!

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