Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Back at it ...

After a two day break I did two runs today.

Run 1 ,  a little not so routine 4 km on the backyard trail.   I was "over the hill" nearing the man cave in the forest when I had a Fisher encounter.   we surprised each other then the Fisher started running towards me ,  first thought Rabid.   Made some noise and motion at the critter and it changed it minds and headed the other was probably just curious.   I have been living where I am since 93 and this is the first time something came at me.   Carrier a stick around on the first lap but the curious creature was no where to be seen.

About a meter long,  weighs around 15 lbs. 

Run 2,  working eves this week so it was back to the 5K on the Treadmill ....Trail was better! 

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