Monday, August 12, 2019

Endur Stage 2 - 15 km time trial

Stage 2 is in the books,  1h22m21s ,  a few minutes off previous times but the course was a little more difficult.  It was described as an out and back on a rail trail but there was a handful or two of little hills and a crazy spiral walkway.  I did what I could ,  didn't leave anything out there.  The heart rate was more or less around 150 bpm give or take.  Had to gear it back a few times to let the HR settle a bit. 

Fitbit HR Data ...

Finished strong feeling a little dizzy...recovered quickly.   I was really looking forward to a run that I could settle into a constant pace.  The small elevation changes made the impossible for me.  It was no big deal,  everyone was facing the same route so its an even playing field.     The 10 km time trial will be a good opportunity to settle into " the pace" being on a track.

Garmin Splits ...

The 2nd and the 14th km was the same part of the course and were the fastest and 2nd slowest of the day!  Coming in I geared it back to catch up on the O2 looking for a strong finish. 

Relive 'Morning Aug 12th'

Stage 2 pictures  ...

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