Monday, August 19, 2019

Endur Satge 7 - Marathon

Thats a wrap on the 2019 Endur Run logging a 4h31m25s Marathon on Sunday.    I was aiming for a 4h12m time but fell well short of my goal.   I should have been somewhere around 4h20m but the wheels fell off in the last 2 km.  It was super hot ,  29C and teh sun made ann appearance with 4 k to go.   I pulled out a couple of 6is Ks around the 38 K mark but when I hit 40 K I was done.   Not a big deal but I should have been more resoanble and geared the last 5ks back to a 7:30 i the nature of the Marathon.

Garmin Splits tell the story,  not quite as bad as I was expecting in the last 2 Ks ,  it juts felt worse!

Other Garmin Data ...

Fitbit HR Data

Relive 'Morning Aug 18th'

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