Sunday, August 11, 2019

Endur Stage 1 - 1/2 Marathon

 1hr59m50 seconds ,   set out to do the half a tiny bit better this year giving the distance the respect it deserves.  Decided to hydrate as well as take in  a gel at around the 15K mark and that is what I did.   Its not a super speedy time but its better then last year but not 2 years ago logging a 1h59m05.   I never pay all that much attention to my past times and probably should I really believed that I had an Endur Stage 1 PB ....oh well next year.     I was pretty consistent with my pace but its really hard to tell with the rolling hills.   It will be interesting to see what I have in the tank for tomorrows 15k time trail ,  2 years ago it was 1h18m41s ,  last year 1h18m13s.  Its an out and back on a rail trail so it should be a little easier then last year so my goal is a 1h17mXXs ,   it seems like a tall order but I had very similar starts the last 2 years...guess I will find out in the morning. 

Relive 'Morning Aug 11th'

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