Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Endur Stage 3 - 30 km Trail

Stage 3 is in the books!  I had a consistent run but it was 9 minutes slower then last year coming in at 3h27m35.   The legs felt like I was already 20 km into a 50 km race when I started.  The were heavy felling,  no pop in them at all.  I was expecting things to loosen up as I wen along but it didn't happen.  I wanted to keep the avg pace under a 7:00 km and that is exactly what I did coming in at 6:55..I will take it.   The last of the 6 laps was the hardest it was getting super hot and it was catching up with me.  I didn't have allot of time to play with so I had to push hard where it was easy and cruise where I had to.

Splits ... 35:05, 34:54, 33:15, 34:35, 34:27, 35:19

Cant complain when the last lap is only 14 seconds slower then the first. 

Garmin Data ...

Fitbit Heart Rate Data ...

HR data at the start is false ,  it was a gradual climb maintaining the same pace.   Maxed out at 161 bpm on the last loop ...it was a tough one but I pushed through it. 

Relive 'Morning Aug 13th'

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