Saturday, January 10, 2009

18.54 +315/-322 Cold Outdoor Ks

18.54K LSD at a 5:54 pace! Quiet an LSD today, -8C overcast and most of the way not much breeze! Wore an extra layer .... started with my Acisis base short , a tech T from Damm Tuff and then my Sagoi Shell , add Adidas Clima Cool pants , Thoro Socks a Buff and some "running gloves" . For the most part I was OK ... the gloves suck ! Tech gloves are friggin cold when they get wet ! Got to 6K and decided to go a different route , continued down the Holland/Glenelg line until I got to Dornoch the headed South on Highway 6 back to Grey road 12.

At 10K , shortly after heading South on 6 I got a real good running BUZZ on , it only lasted a few minutes but it was a floating sensation that was very cool .... I love to go long! Going down 6 I was on and off the highway as the traffic permitted. Folks were looking at me like I was crazy , I can only imagine that I must have been quiet a site! There were some good hills along the way but I managed to maintain a decent pace. Highway 6 was a straight shot South , when I turned down 12 it was due east and right into a very cold wind ! 2.5K of COLD , COLD , COLD ... when I turned South on the 2nd my legs were tight , my chest was cold ... last few Ks were at a much slower pace.

When I finished I quickly grabbed a beer and headed to the Hot Tub for an hour. Its a great way to even out the body temp and cool down after a run!
May rest after the LSD , this was day 6 of activity ... yesterday it was strenght training and the three consecutive days previous it was running 5/5 and 6Ks at lunch.


Anne said...

Yes slightly crazy for running down HWY 6.

West Grey Runner said...

Thanks , Anne ...the voice of reason!