Friday, January 23, 2009

LSD outasde today

Well it seemed like a good idea , Sunny Sky, light breeze from the South, temps a tiny bit above freezing and an afternoon to myself!

First 5K straight South on the 2nd into a stiff breeze from the S SW. The wind didn't bother me at all , very pleasant with the Sun .... then it all changed. 30 minutes in the Sun disappeared , it got cooler. I thought about cutting it short and returning logging a 10K but hey I had the time so what the heck. Made it to the end of the 2nd and turned West in Durham down ( or I should say UP ) the "Conservation area road" . There was a big hill at the 9K mark , being an LSD I decided to walk and do a hammer gel! Started running again heading towards highway 6, turned south on 6 and right through downtown Durham. I am not sure why but I really like running through town . I flew down the big hill right through the center of town then turned East on the Spruce Ridge School road , back to highway 4 for a k or 2 then north on the second for the last 8K! Now , I know the rule ,,, run into the wind in the way out so its at your back when you return . Good rule , especially on those "long" winter runs. Well the &*$^%*$ Wind shifted , W NW .... great , another 8K into the wind. I never like the return trip on the 2nd but I always tell myself... building running character!

Garmin says , 23K +476/-471m at a 5:59 pace and an average HR of 150 BPM. The Hart Rate was a little bit too high but the conditions were not exactly easy!

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