Sunday, January 4, 2009

Been busy!

Not much running so far this year , been busy! New years day was a planned rest , the next couple of days were not but sorta were! Went to Toronto and did a ton of walking on Friday , Saturday I was skiing then Sunday I finally ran.
Planned to do an LSD today , didn't quiet turn out that way. The weather was rotten , -3C and was ice everywhere. Thought about driving to the gym but it 45 min round trip and I didn't have the time so off I went to face the elements. Footing was real iffy and I didn't venture too far for fear of falling and rain . Got a real bad cramp at 5K , just like at the re-fridge 8er last year when running under similar but far worse conditions. Turned the LSD into s SSD , it was tough going but I managed 10K!

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