Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fast and slow Fives

Yesterday it was a 5K at a 5:30 pace , today a 5K at a 3:59 pace with 1K cool down , 500m 6:00 then 500m at 11:00 pace . Both at lunch!

The fast 5 was interesting, only the second time breaking the 4:00 mark. A couple of weeks ago I did it for the first time. I held it together longer today , it wasn't until the 4K mark that I started to get that fish out of water feeling , before it started at around the 3K mark. If I can get to 5K at the 4:00 pace without feeling like I am going behind in O2 I will try stretching it out to 6K.


Vava said...

Wow! Getting into the 3s on pace is tremendous! Does your treadmill have a setting for pace/km down to the seconds, or is it set up with speed in km/h?

West Grey Runner said...

Both , I am just so dialed into the speed/pace thing I feel comfortable with either or ! Thanks for the encouragement Vava