Sunday, February 14, 2010

Took it outside

28.5K LSD done in the wind/snow/cold today. Can you tell I am not real fond of long runs in the snow!
Its been a few weeks since I went long and I have only done it outside once since late Nov. It took a bit to get my mental on. A good 15 minutes just to lay out the gear and come up with a plan B in case I had to bale. Once I was geared up I stepped out the door and turned in the Garmin. It was cold, snowing and windy as I waited for the Satellites to acquire. For a moment I thought about bailing. Then I said F the watch was a good K into the run before the darn thing locked up! Waiting in the cold wasn't my thing! So off I went south on the 2nd. Got a few K along and took note of the local wind turbine.... winds from the West. So 5K in I B lined it down the edges road head on into the wind for about 5K. I headed across hwy 6 and continued on into the strong wind until I hit t2nd of Bentick where I turned South and had some relief from the cold wind. The next 10K were a pleasure. More or less had the wind at my back but I knew it was about to change. Headed through Durham on Hwy 4 , past the police station , through the downtown then past Sprucridge School and out 4 past Echartds where I turned North on the 2nd. The next 4 K were quiet ex[posed and not the Wind was from the W NW and I was blowing hard. There were tiems when I cover my left cheek to try to keep warm. The last 4 K wasn't so exposed and was through a bit of a valley. I was starting to feel the cold and my lack of fluid intake was beginning to tale affect , 250ml over 24K wasn't quiet enough.
It wasn't all that cold , around -4C but the story was all about the wind! I would have rather avoided that run but I need to do it to get my mental on and it worked.

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