Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trying to fit it in again

Sometimes its tough to find the time to run... today was just one of those sort of days! Started with a run to the grocery store! The only limit when I shop for food is when the cart is full. So that means a really big job when I get home. Then there was the new breaker feeding the Water Heater with a hair trigger ... an unexpected hour to sort things out . Then there was the discovery that the Kitchen Sink was leaking .... another hour burnt running to the hardware store then the install!

In spite of everything I managed 17K Run at an average 5:30 pace. Its was HOT going ...... its the weekend and with everyone home the wood stove was a rocking and I was a sweating. I wanted to make this a 30K+ run but it was too hot and besides I wanted to relax with a Beer and take in the Olympics!

Tomorrow LSD ? Outside? I really haven't had much of a desire to run for hours in the cold! But maybe, just maybe I will take it outside tomorrow.

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