Thursday, June 23, 2011

Better Run

Headed n on the 2nd to the Glenelg / Holland line then East to the Baseline South and back across 12 to the 2nd again. Muzono's Trails Shoes were wet , the Addidas Super Nova Trail are like bricks on the road so I opted for my Saucony Paramounts ... they worked perfect! Was a little slower at the start as it was a little warmer. Horse flys were a pain again but I took some defense wearing a Buff and a loose fitting tech T. The still were landing on the Buff and once I had it biting through to my scalp. They were as thick as yesterday but didn't bother me as much. Ate Tai Sweet Chilli Chips and washed it down with Coffee before I headed out , I kept getting reminded of my pre run snacks I went along. Had Fruit Punch Gator aide on board today. The bottle was 4/5 full and I was surprised at how little the fanny pack bounce was bothering me. The last 1/2 of the run it was misting, blowing and occasionally raining. It was welcome relief and I was able to pick up the pace ...sweet to actual run again! Managed to do exactly 17.0K at an avg 5:51 pace. I am working through the weekend again starting tomorrow so I will continue the "speed" work at lunch. I am also going to try to get out to the Tri Club run group tomorrow , hill repeats are on order!

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