Saturday, June 18, 2011

Speed week continues ...

Just jumped off the treadmill after a 6.3K run , 6K done at a 4:30 pace then a little cool down. Its amazing what a difference there is between a 5:00 and a 4:30 pace. I generated so much more body heat. At a 5:00 pace I break out is a bit of a sweat , at a 4:30 pace its a dripping wet pool of much more core heat builds up with such a small increase in speed! Heat killed me allot last year and I am pretty sure I am better prepared to deal with it this season. The #1 coping strategy is to slow down, #2 is ICE and Hydration and last but not least #3 is Sun exposure , light coloured tech clothes! Next two days its longer runs 10-15K at my 5:00 Marathon pace the starting Monday its back to the trails and some back to back to back longer runs!

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